Sunday, July 4, 2010

I’m baaack...

I’ve neglected this blog for so long I’m not sure what to post anymore. Oh, I’ll think of something.
I’m not looking forward to tonight. Ruby “the wonder dog” turns into a vibrating idiot when she hears loud popping noises.
The only real excitement we’ve had lately is the jackass behind us tried to turn his meth-head camp into a dog kennel. Apparently the Sheriff’s Department got tired of coming out and turned him in to Code Enforcement. So, he applied for a special use permit. I’m not sure why exactly. He says the people back there are moving out and taking their dogs with them. If that’s the case, then why would he need a special permit for 3 dogs? Since the county planning department took the time to let the neighbors know about the application, and asked for any comments or objections, I thought I’d go ahead and put in my two cents. After talking to the senior planner a few times, with a bunch of questions, I decided to send an e-mail giving my thoughts on the whole thing. It was pretty short. I just felt like, given the opportunity, I should say something. Here’s what I sent:

The concern we have with the entire property being considered a dog kennel is the fences. The property described is behind our property. To our knowledge, the owner of the property only has three (3) dogs. Our back fence is not very secure. It is functional for keeping our medium sized beagle mix inside our yard, but we know it is not strong enough to keep out a larger dog. And, for that matter, especially not a small dog. On more than one occasion various dogs living on the property have gotten out and on to our property, as well as neighboring properties. The most secure fence we have on our property is the fence along the easement. That fence was built in an effort to keep the people living on the property from harassing us, leaving us without the use of the easement. We really do wish we had the funds to build a more secure fence behind us. But, we don’t.

Regardless of the dog issue, our major concern is the criminal element living on the property. Although, we have enjoyed our numerous visits with the Deputies, we would rather they not have cause to come out so often.

Our thanks to Code Enforcement, and the reporting officer for addressing this issue. There are plenty of issues here on the infamous Weidle road, but this has been a big one for a long time.

Not much, but something. I still don’t know for sure what they decided. I think I’ll call Tuesday to follow up. It should be interesting to see how this all pans out.

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