Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coincidence? I don’t believe in ‘em.

Previously, I mentioned the lush, high weeds growing on the road side of our fence, and why. Well, guess what happened the other day. The county came out and trimmed it all up. I wonder who called? Perhaps the across the street neighbors? Hmmm…?
I don’t care. According to Randy it looks like crap. Damn the bad luck! Now they have some hacked up dry-ass weeds to look at instead of the lush green stuff that was happily growing there. Guess which way the wind usually blows (heh, heh, heh)?

Monday, July 12, 2010


No work going on here. I broke my pinky toe Thursday night. I got up in the middle of the night to go potty and kicked the crap out of a chair leg next to the bedroom door. The chair leg resembles my little toe, minus the swelling and bruising. I’m not sure if the crack I heard was the chair leg or my toe. Today, I can walk around bare footed (a little) without too much pain, putting weight on my heel and big toe. So, no outdoor work and very little inside. It’s driving me crazy! I may be admittedly lazy, but having no choice in the matter is another thing!

Summer has shown up here. It’s hot! No excitement from behind us. They are laying low for now. I am (and most likely the county) giving them until the end of the month before the next move. I’m not sure what exactly that’s going to entail.

For some reason, unknown to me, the folks across the street are avoiding us like the plague. Yeah, that’s a major concern for us right now. Although, it could just be the indigenous flora (weeds) we have allowed to grow on the street side of our fence. It’s growing like gang busters out there with no water. Hmmm…Why is that? A funny thing happened when we were digging post holes for the fence in the area that’s growing the best. We found all these round rocks covered it black stuff. Randy told me not to handle them bare handed. Long story short; apparently their leaching field for their septic tank comes this way. This used to be a truly rural area. The whole neighborhood was once owned by one family. The Weidles, and yes, they are relatives of the folks that live across the street. Randy got lots of history from his dad, who was friendly with most all the people around here. Seriously, there is not a happy little spring over there. It’s run off poop water. The plants seem to like it. Plus, there’s not much we could do about it at this point, even if we really want to. I say hey, let the guy across the street enjoy his parents’ handy work. I don’t really care all that much. It’s the furthest corner away from our place.

We’ve talked about planting some trees over there. Not fruit trees of course, but something else maybe. Right now we’ve got Russian olive trees coming up. We already have a couple of full grown Russian olive trees. Those things are a pain to deal with. They break and keep growing, creating a tangled mess. They have thorns on the branches, making them hard to trim. Then, what do you with the trimmings? Blah, blah, blah, we hate ‘em. I’ve rambled on long enough for today. I’m just sure something interesting will happen tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Big shocker there. Today I talked my new buddy at the planning thingy. He was not a fan of the applicant. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

As expected, Ruby was a basket case during the fire works. I wish I could get her some drugs to calm her down. I feel so bad for her. I’ve tried different things to calm her down. Nothing seems to work. I’m just glad it’s over, for the most part. There have been a couple of leftovers, but not too bad.

Although the weather has been really nice, we haven't gotten much done in the yard. I’ve been day dreaming while looking at blogs and sites on the internet. The neighbors across the street like to keep their lawn like a golf course. They both mow every other day, sometimes every day. Then, of course, they run the sprinklers in the heat of the day. I’m thinking they aren’t aware of the concept of conservation. I’m not big on the whole perfect lawn thing. I’d much rather have other, low maintenance, and interesting things going on in the yard. I pulled up the bike eating monster. He just wasn’t working anymore. The bicycle guy is still out there though. Here are some yard art ideas that I like:

I don’t have the tub. But I do have an empty toilet and sink. It’s not a pedestal though.

I think I have the materials I need to do something similar. The question would be where
to put it? Bulbs work great here.

I may have a chair that would work for something like this. Maybe I could create a whole “green” living space? That would be fun. The only down fall on that idea would be the maintenance.

Here’s another fun idea.

I love this guy.

For now I'm going to have to be happy with circles in the lawn. Pictures to follow.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I’m baaack...

I’ve neglected this blog for so long I’m not sure what to post anymore. Oh, I’ll think of something.
I’m not looking forward to tonight. Ruby “the wonder dog” turns into a vibrating idiot when she hears loud popping noises.
The only real excitement we’ve had lately is the jackass behind us tried to turn his meth-head camp into a dog kennel. Apparently the Sheriff’s Department got tired of coming out and turned him in to Code Enforcement. So, he applied for a special use permit. I’m not sure why exactly. He says the people back there are moving out and taking their dogs with them. If that’s the case, then why would he need a special permit for 3 dogs? Since the county planning department took the time to let the neighbors know about the application, and asked for any comments or objections, I thought I’d go ahead and put in my two cents. After talking to the senior planner a few times, with a bunch of questions, I decided to send an e-mail giving my thoughts on the whole thing. It was pretty short. I just felt like, given the opportunity, I should say something. Here’s what I sent:

The concern we have with the entire property being considered a dog kennel is the fences. The property described is behind our property. To our knowledge, the owner of the property only has three (3) dogs. Our back fence is not very secure. It is functional for keeping our medium sized beagle mix inside our yard, but we know it is not strong enough to keep out a larger dog. And, for that matter, especially not a small dog. On more than one occasion various dogs living on the property have gotten out and on to our property, as well as neighboring properties. The most secure fence we have on our property is the fence along the easement. That fence was built in an effort to keep the people living on the property from harassing us, leaving us without the use of the easement. We really do wish we had the funds to build a more secure fence behind us. But, we don’t.

Regardless of the dog issue, our major concern is the criminal element living on the property. Although, we have enjoyed our numerous visits with the Deputies, we would rather they not have cause to come out so often.

Our thanks to Code Enforcement, and the reporting officer for addressing this issue. There are plenty of issues here on the infamous Weidle road, but this has been a big one for a long time.

Not much, but something. I still don’t know for sure what they decided. I think I’ll call Tuesday to follow up. It should be interesting to see how this all pans out.