Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas yard decorations

I finally got a chance to post the pictures of our Christmas yard decorations. It takes a while anyway because we have dial-up. But, with computer problems, there was just no way to get them posted. It's fixed now, so here they are.

Wreath on the gate made with garland from the dollar store wired to the gate.Mini wreath w/ mini bow on each fence post. I made these with garland wired to metal rings from coffee cans.
24 of those babies

Bicycle guy turned Santa. Again, dollar store stuff.
All together... More bikes for reindeer, garland reins, and a red work/trouble light for Rudolph. It's hard to see the light in this picture. It looked good at night though.
Well, that was it. It wasn't as red-neck as I was planning, but we were happy with how it turned out.