Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hah!  I did it!  It turns out dial up is too slow.  No big shocker there.  That's me from a couple of years ago. 

Here's the rooster that wanted to kill us last year.  A neighbor down the street apparently got some chicks and threw out the baby roosters.  One ended up in our yard and I was nice to it, so it stayed.  It was ok for a while.  I think he hit puberty, and without any hens to keep him busy, he got aggressive.  We just weren't prepared to keep chickens at the time.  One of Randy's co-workers took him off our hands.  Her sister had a farm.  We didn't ask any questions after that.  That's the short version of that story.  It was really a big ordeal.  We still stop and look around when we hear a rooster crow. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Still can't post pics.  I'm going to try when I can get on wifi again. 

Mean while...
We had some running to do today.  We are planning a little camping trip for next week end.  The camp site is super close.  It's really a test run for going somewhere cool.  You know, figuring out the tent and other equipment.  On our way out, we discovered a dang bird in the car!  Randy had left the windows open just enough.  It was a little finch thing(alive and well).  Fortunately, it didn't cause any problems while driving, and escaped when we stopped.  Speaking of small critters, we saw a little mouse in the house recently.  That was one of the things to take care of  today.  We had gotten a fancy little plastic trap to get it.  It turned out to be a lovely mouse feeder.  So, we went to Ace and got the old school wooden mouse trap.  We'll see if that works.  Fun times living in the country!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Well, that was only 5 minutes.  Let's see how long it takes for a picture.

Nope. Not gonna happen. Not today anyway. I'm not sure if it's this computer, dial up, or just plan ole user stupidity.