Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer almost over

This has been a lazy summer for us. I wish I could say I haven’t posted anything because we’ve been so busy working around here. Sadly, I can‘t. We started off all “gung ho!” and quickly slowed down to a dull murmur.
No garden this year. The lasagna gardening method did not work for us. We have Bermuda grass, and it is very invasive. You really have to dig it up if you want to plant anything. Even then you have keep an eye on it. The only thing that I’ve found that will keep it at bay is shade. I think another issue we had with the lasagna method was simply time. The things I was adding just didn’t break down fast enough. I may try to keep adding composting stuff to the area and see if maybe it will work for next year. Although, I’m still not sure if I wasn’t just feeding the grass. Most likely we are just going to have to break down and rent some equipment to do it right.
I waited too late for shipping on the Arbor Day Foundation trees. So, they will be coming in the fall.
We went to the county fair twice last week, for the first time in years (Randy scored free tickets). Neither of us have particularly fond memories from our previous visits, but this was our first time going together, and we had a pretty good time. Man, I want some goats! They were too cute. Then, there were the coolest, weirdest chickens. I think it would take too much to keep chickens safe around here. Geese are pretty tough. I always think of Deb over at the Farmnatters blog when it comes to geese and chickens. I figure goats could hold their own. I think I would really enjoy having a mini-farm on our little one acre out here. It’s not gonna happen, but I can always dream…

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Been a while

Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’d jot stuff down, but then I’d forget to post it, and it would be outdated by the time I would think about it again. Now that the weather is getting better, things are happening around here. Here are a few things going on.
Gardening: I decided to experiment with a lasagna garden this year. It’s basically layers of stuff you would normally compost. It’s super simple. Perfect for a lazy gardener without a rototiller, like me. You can easily google it, so I’m not going to go into the details. I also recently read, over on Farmnatters’ blog, about potato cages. That looks like a great idea! It would go along with my lasagna garden too. I’m a little worried about the critters we’ve got around here. The skunks usually just go for the cat food. But, lately we’ve seen a couple of raccoons. I’d hate to have to cage/fence up my garden. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. Next on the list will be to get a few trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. Randy isn’t sure I will keep them watered. I hope to prove him wrong. I’m all about experimenting with gardening this year.
On another note : Randy and I have been talking about me going back to school. To do the program I want to do we’d have to up grade our computer system. I’d have to do it on line because none of the schools close by offer it on campus. Of course, money is always an issue, so we’ll see how this all works out.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas yard decorations

I finally got a chance to post the pictures of our Christmas yard decorations. It takes a while anyway because we have dial-up. But, with computer problems, there was just no way to get them posted. It's fixed now, so here they are.

Wreath on the gate made with garland from the dollar store wired to the gate.Mini wreath w/ mini bow on each fence post. I made these with garland wired to metal rings from coffee cans.
24 of those babies

Bicycle guy turned Santa. Again, dollar store stuff.
All together... More bikes for reindeer, garland reins, and a red work/trouble light for Rudolph. It's hard to see the light in this picture. It looked good at night though.
Well, that was it. It wasn't as red-neck as I was planning, but we were happy with how it turned out.