Thursday, March 25, 2010

With the weather being pretty good, I’ve been outside quite a bit. It’s just cool enough to slow down the hornets. I can wear a long sleeved t-shirt ( just in case) and still be comfortable. The spiders? Well, you just gotta keep you eyes open for those suckers. That’s what the gloves are for. They only get you when you get in their hidey holes. The hornets come after you for seemingly no reason. We’ve got a lot of bitey- stingy bugs around here. So, we keep the After bite xtra close at hand. That stuff works great. I don’t know what’s in it (don’t care). It works.

The last few days I’ve been working on uncluttering the back porch. Yes, Again. It’s just too easy to throw crap out there. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, with my renewed creative streak, I need some work space. Thus, it makes it my responsibility to clean some of that stuff up. Of course, it’s not all my fault. So, Randy is doing his part too.

I have also found a new appreciation for what I call the “truck shed.” Randy’s brother in law built a shed on the bed and sides of an old international truck. I think it would be cooler if the cab was facing the road. Well, maybe not. He did a pretty thorough job of building a big ole shed. Although, it’s not totally finished, there is a lot of room in that ugly thing. I have hated that thing in the past. But, while I have been going through all our junk, I have to find somewhere to store and organize the stuff that has potential. Of course, I don’t know for sure what the heck I’m going to do with all of it. That’s not the point. Well, I’m not entirely sure what the point is. I’ll figure that out as I go. In the mean time, the cab of the truck gives the cats a hidey hole if the neighbor’s dogs get into our yard again (another story for another day).

A big hidey ho to our buddy Billy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Spring seems to be springing around here. The sunshine has done wonders for my mood. We’ve actually been doing stuff around here! Some of it was mandatory, but we’ve still been having some fun. We had to replace the water pressure tank (well water). It turned out to be no big deal. The water pressure is much better.

I’ve gotten no response on my new yard art, via internet or neighbors. That’s cool. I know it’s not that great. Randy has obviously gotten on board with the yard art thing. As long as he doesn’t have to do anything but critique, and I’m happy, he’s ok with whatever I do. I think his theory is…”Hell, at least she’s doing something, and she‘s in a good mood when I get home. I‘m good with that.” Plus, it’s his idea to make the old water tank into a bumble bee. I’m excited about that one! He’s the master with spray paint. So, apparently he’s totally on it now. Yippee!

I think I might be finally getting into my grove with living here. I figure that the powers that be won’t let us out of here until we just suck it up and get over the idea of leaving. Sometimes it works like that. You want something so bad and it seems to be out of reach. Then, you relax, and it just comes. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but sitting around and being miserable is no way to live. We are still working on some other stuff around here. We’ll see what happens. In the mean time, I need to start spouting some seeds!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's official! I have lost my mind.

I guess I can't make any more "white trash" comments now. The following are pictures of my latest yard art projects.

Bicycle guy jumping over the pump shed. Yep, that's an old Wal-mart ball for his head.

This the rust monster he is running from.

Close up of why the bicycle guy is happy to be getting away from the rust monster.

I had a little putting the rust monster together. Thanks kitties!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, it’s on now!

After perusing a few junker blogs, I think I’m getting on to it. Rust is good (a.k.a. patina). As a matter of fact, there might soon be a rust monster skulking through the front yard! I’ve known for a while about patina on antique stuff, but didn’t really think about it beyond that. I always thought rust was a bad thing. Apparently not so much. Who knew? Ok, I kinda knew. I’ve just been so busy thinking about getting out of here, and down to Texas, that I didn’t take the time to just have some fun with all this junk we have sitting around. So, I’m going to start making lemonade out of all these lemons! If the neighbors don’t like it, too damn bad. There ain’t no HOA here! We’re out in the county. If they want it all groomed and pretty, they should have moved into town. I could go on about which is worse, the meth-heads vs. the wannabes, (white trash with money), but why bother?

Still chilly, but at least the sun has been coming out more regularly.

The sunshine is great for my mood. The chill is good because we can go out in the back yard and look through the junk without being ambushed by the hornets. Most of the stuff hanging around, I have put my hands on at some time, just moving it out of sight, or in an attempt to organize it. I get overwhelmed every time. I see potential in a lot of it. Thinking about that makes my head swim as well. Do I want to just have a junk sale, and let other people do what they want with whatever they find? How would I price junk? Can I fix something up and sell it? Is there a market for fixed up/repurposed junk? I see that people are doing it. But, are they making any money at it, or just doing it out of love? Anyway, you can see, lots of thoughts bounce around my head on this subject.
So, just for fun, I’m using some of that junk for my yard art projects. Yep, that’s plural. Right now I’m working on a scarecrow type guy on a bicycle jumping over the pump shed towards the soon to be garden. Maybe he’s trying to jump over it? I’m going to go with some suggestions I received, and not worry about what the neighbors think. I have too much other stuff to worry about. Plus, it’s fun for me and makes me smile. I’ve done a couple of things in the past, but I’m ready to kick it up a notch. I'll try to takes pic.s as I go.

Note: You gotta watch that country music. Some of those songs are depressing. So, I just move up and down the dial.