Monday, October 11, 2010

Slowly but surely

The grass was pretty tall and thick when we stated mowing. We’ve been mowing a little at a time in an effort not to burn up our little mower. Where we have mowed and raked is really turning green (w/o additional water). It’s been either rainy or windy lately, so there are still a few piles of grass out in the yard.

I’m holding off on the yard art project for the pile of Russian olive tree branches. But, we are working on a (hopefully) really cool can-man. We have so many things around here that NEED to be done. I thought it might be nice to get Randy to help me do something kind of fun for a change. Can-man’s head is presenting a bit of a challenge, but we‘ve got some good ideas. I have been collecting lots of cans in various sizes for a while now. I just couldn’t throw them in the trash. It’s nice to finally find a use for a bunch of them. There are just so many pencil holders/ lanterns a person can use. I’m a little afraid we may end up with a can people village in the yard, but that could be fun too (hee, hee). How ’bout a coffee can house?! Ok, I may be getting carried away. Oh dear, now I’ve got all kinds of ideas floating around in my head! I need more cans!!!

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