Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work in progress

Yep, we’re still trying to get some work done in the yard before it starts getting too cold. I decided to put some of the grass clippings over the spot where the van burned up. I also put some in the far corner where we’re sinking. No big deal really.
Last week, we attacked the Russian olive trees coming up in the front yard. We made a sweet mess of them! Below is a rather large pile of what we took out, and the site of my soon to be new yard art project. Hint: neighbor claims to be a carpenter.

We’ve also got a few piles of dead grass across the front yard. I bet the neighbors are starting to wonder if they weren’t happier with the view they had before we started. What’s really funny is that both of them mow their grass so short and so often that they are creating big dead spots in their yards. Then, of course, they water for hours on end. Ok, it’s not really funny. It’s actually kind of sad. I think it’s some kind of neurosis. And, it’s a huge waste of gas and water.

Grass piles, with more to come. What ever shall I do with all of that dead grass?

Anyway, I can’t wait to set up my next yard art project! It’s going to be a good one.
All this work is being done in preparation for next spring/summer. I’d really like to have a garden next year. We would also like to plant some trees out in that front area. I have found a couple of sites that offer cheap or free trees. With all the California money flowing into this area, it might add to curb appeal, when we do decide to leave. Of course, we’ll have to leave room to drag this trailer out.

There is also the option of staying after we pay off the state. If we do that, I’d still like to pull this trailer out of here. We’ve talked about rehabbing it, but I don’t see it being cost and time effective. I may be wrong? I’ll have to do some more research on that one. In the mean time…given that we have at least 3 ½ more years here, we might as well make it as pleasant as possible, for us anyway.

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