Monday, August 31, 2015

Oooh, wifi...

I got out of the house the other day, and got a chance to get on wifi.  Wow, I forgot how fast it is.  It's funny how you can get used to waiting five plus minutes for a site to come up.
Today, of course, was a whole new day.  Back to normal, and back to dial up.  I have a love hate relationship with technology.  Wifi was soo nice.  I didn't really even mind getting cut off, because I was on it so long.  I got to see pictures on sites full size, and not on my tiny phone.  It was really cool.  It's kind of sad, now that I think about it.  We have a tablet we take to restaurants, but it's just not the same as this laptop.  Enough of that, for now.  I'm sure I'll be back to bitching about dial up again soon, but today it's working pretty well.

I don't have much, but here are a few updates from the last four years.  The biggest one is, thanks to Obama care and the state of Washington, we now have insurance. In April of this year Randy got a much needed hip replacement, due to an old, untreated injury, and now walks without a limp and constant pain.  Due to the surgery/healing, the doctor said he needed to stop smoking.  So, being the good wife I am, I had to quit too.  It gave me the incentive I needed.  Although, I'm still using the nicotine lozenges.  Well, it's still cheaper than cigs are.  I'm not the bad ass that some folks are. ;) 

The other big news is that now that the meth-heads behind us have settled down, we have new neighbors next door to bitch about.  The guy that had lived there forever passed away.  I have got to figure out how to get pictures on this laptop!  Five kids from 2yrs old to 15, and 3 pit mixes.  It's really no big deal in comparison to what we were dealing with before. 

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