Friday, January 16, 2009

Here's a question

For any and all-
Anybody know what kind of lawyer you would go to about squatters rights ? Randy's been here long enough, but I'm not sure what kind of lawyer to go to.


seth said...

maybe a Real Estate attorney?

Kim said...

Thanks Seth. I think you're right. Last time we saw a lawyer we wanted to be able to sell the place. Now we're thinking we may just want to stay until we're really ready to move to our land. We're getting closer, just need more time and money. So, we'll go in again with a different goal in mind and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an attorney but I know that in order to claim adverse possession or "squatters rights", your possession of the property has to be well known by people and take place for a looooong period of time. Where I live it's 20 years. If at any point the owner of the property or anyone with a stake notifies you that you are being evicted/foreclosed that starts the clock back to zero. Unfortunately, I don't think that route will help you much.

Might I suggest you find the closest legal aid office? Not terribly familiar, but I believe they provide free legal assistance to folks.

If I were you I think I would stay as long as I could. Hell, it could take years to get a foreclosure in this messy market.