Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Honda is up and running again! It was the igniter. A little cheaper fix than a new computer.
Oh, that was after being awakened at 8:00 am by the police rousting some jackass behind us, banging on doors and such. We also had a lovely encounter with our neighbors across the street while Randy was working on the car. They were playing with a pump pellet gun. And joy of joys, right down their driveway in our direction. Man, I love this place! So, I say to hell with it. We'll sell our stuff for a few bucks, save our pennies, and get the hell out of Dodge. That's really been the plan all along. We fought the good fight. We didn't know the state was going to come down to $15,000. If we did, we would have done things a little differently. The real shame is that my mom and her husband chose not to help us get a little head start. That's alright, we'll keep on keeping on. That's what survival is all about.

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Mayberry said...

Hey, congrats! And c'mon down, Texas is way better..... Not that I'm partial or anything, heh heh heh...