Sunday, August 17, 2008

After a dry run and, lots of research on the curtains, I have decided we are going to buy some. The material I had was too thin and really just didn't work with the colors in the trailer. So, I found something that should work on sale on JC Penny's web site. My mom's poor old sewing machine was having a hard time too. And yes, we oiled it. The next step would be taking it apart and working on it. It's just not time or cost effective. The china mart had one for about $80. Again, the cost of a new machine, plus material(s) would be a lot more than what I paid for the curtains I ordered. Anyway, I'm just waiting for them to get here. Randy's been working some overtime, so not much has gotten done as far as hitch updates and vehicle maintenance.

I made another batch of beans and some rice yesterday. I'm going to refry some of them tonight. I doubled the batch, so now we got more beans than I know what to do with. It will be somthing w/ beans for the next few days. It's getting hot here, so I think I'll head over to the escape pod for some a/c. I know Ruby's ready to go!


Staying Alive said...

The cost of a new machine and the cost of repairing the old one and the cost of new curtains are putting you betweeen a rock and a hard place. But it is pretty nice to find someone who at least checks all the prices.

It is a shame and a rebuke that we can't have an industry of treadle machines with spare parts available to the public. Once you got your machine then there would be no consternation as to what to do. But hang in there. It beats having window peepers!


Mayberry said...

Try you some red beans 'n rice. Hooo-weee cher, I gua-ron-tee you'll like dat!