Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Summer time

It's summer time and getting ever closer to fall. Everyone is busy prepping for whatever they may think is coming. Well, we never know what's coming. That's the joy of being human. It's also the bane of our existence. I'm not ignoring what's in my face. Trust me, one day we are going to have to move to our little place in the desert. And that will be a whole 'nother adventure. In the mean time we're doing our best to prepare for said adventure. Make hay while the sun shines!
My (not so little) ass finally made regular rice. I know it sounds stupid simple, but after growing up on box meals like hamburger helper, this was a sorry adventure for me. It turned out great. Ok, 10 minute rice in a bag vs. 20 minutes in the same pan? It's worth it. That rice was good! The other day I made regular oatmeal in a real pan. I added some of the crasins we bought a while ago, cinnamon, and honey. I didn't even add sugar! It was really good. I know this may sound silly to most folks, but we're talking about someone born in the early 70's. I am really trying to learn how my grandmother cooked.

Topic change:
I'm writing my light hearted thing and Randy turns up the news. Seriously? The oil companies making record high profits! Yeah, I guess we all know what this means. Maybe that Michael Moore wasn't so wrong, not that I ever doubted it. You just gotta love the good ole boy club.


riverwalker said...

Home cooking beats the best restaurant out there any day of the week! Way to go with the rice!
Keep this up and pretty soon somebody will want you to do your own TV cooking show. Great post!


Staying Alive said...

God bless you in your efforts! And may he kick your growing ass to do more! Middle age spread is no excuse for not prepping. That is what keeps me going! My wife, the Handmaiden, puts up directions for cooking things periodically. And it must be good advice because people say it worked for them.

You say you are gong to move to some land down in Texas?I know some good preppers down that way. Riverwalker and Mayberry. Pretty straight shootin' men.

Let me know if I can help you with any advice!


Mayberry said...

Ahhh, real home cookin'. Nothin' in the world beats it! And it looks like Michael found your blog. Yer in trouble now! Heh heh heh. Michael is good people....

Kim said...

Thanks guys! I've even got a pot of beans(pintos)cooking in the crock pot right now! Another first time. I'll let ya'll how it comes out.