Monday, July 21, 2008

Changes are just coming up everywhere! People are changing up their blogs(me too, a little). Some folks are moving. We are doing a few things as well. While Randy was at work I read up on making changes in the travel trailer. When he got home, we took out the dinette! The plan is to put in a small table and chairs. Next on the list will be the window treatments. This is a picture of the dinette from when we first got the trailer. I'll post befores and afters when we are done with renovations. I know things are looking kind of bad, but change is good. The world may change as we know it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be all bad. We've had it pretty good for a while, now may be time to start thinking about living a simpler life.
We bought the escape pod with that in mind. I got a wild hair and bought some "cheap" land in Texas almost 2 years ago, knowing, eventually the state of Washington was going to want retribution for Randy's mother's care. I'm kind of excited about this little project. It's taken me almost a year to talk Randy into letting me make some major changes in the decor of the trailer. He's worried about resale value, but if we do it right, it shouldn't hurt it. Plus, I wasn't planning on selling it anyway.


Phil said...

Right on, I did the same thing to the front end of my "Rat Hole" trailer.
It had one of those pull out beds that was half rotten and taking up space so I tore it out and got three feet of extra room to store my stuff, like my stereo.
I don't care about resale, it will probably get scrapped anyway.

Busted, in SW Washington.

riverwalker said...

Hope you get a chance to make it back to Texas. Seems like hard times have a way of sending people back to places they are familiar with. Good Luck. Nice looking trailer!


Mayberry said...

Hey! I call my trailer the "escape pod" too! Too cool! And yer blog has definitely earned a spot in my links if Bustedknuckles and Riverwalker hang out here (and shame on them for not tellin' me about yer blog!!! Ha ha). Keep up the good work, you got a great blog. Check out mine,

Kim said...

Thanks guys,
Mayberry, I was just sure you got that from my blog. I guess great minds think alike. Don't worry, you're on our daily reads. I've just got to get more internet savy.

Wretha said...

Hey, where in Texas? You don't have to say if you don't want to, I would completely understand. You could also email me privately too.

wretha @ gmail . com

(just remove the spaces)