Sunday, July 6, 2008

Working weekend

We got lots done this weekend. We cleaned up around the travel trailer, and pulled the slide in. This was in preparation for moving it to a better location on this property. We bought the trailer before we bought the tow vehicle, so we haven't even towed it anywhere yet. I know, it's kind of backwards. But, I was freaking out at the time, sure they were going to throw us out on the street any day. I was also thinking about the land we had purchased in Texas. It's a pretty big trailer (26') and very heavy. So, we got a bigger hitch (class IV). Now it looks like we are going to have to buy more stuff in order to haul this big thing safely. Big trans cooler, dual cam sway control, and weight distribution hitch. What's next? Actually, we knew we were going to need those things. Now's as good a time as any. The prices are only going to get higher. We still need to look into getting a couple of marine batteries for the solar. Randy corrected me on using solar for the a/c, "Ha!, you're joking right?". Fans, swamp cooler, maybe. Oh well, wishful thinking on my part. I didn't know! As I mentioned before, Ruby and I spoil very easily.

Topic change:

The woman at the AG's office is coming around on how much she's willing to take for the property. The tax assessed value for just the land. Well, since she wasn't so accommodating previously, we've been spending all our money on getting the hell out of here. We had also been told earlier, we couldn't buy it even if we wanted to. I don't trust these people. I feel like we've been lied too and are now being extorted for what ever they can get out of us. I'm calling bullshit. Our friends and family think this whole thing is insane, or we are. They sound like they aren't real sure if they should believe us or not. Even the lawyer gave us a kind of cock-eyed look. Well, folks, it is happening. I'm getting ready to get a voice recorder to record what this woman is telling Randy. The only explanation I can come up with is that the state needs money, and will take whatever they can get. There is an awesome well-fare system here, and I imagine that gets pretty costly. If this keeps up you're going to get to read my rant on that. The lawyer did say that if we do manage to work out some kind of deal, come back and see him. Yeah, no kidding? It's not like we want to stay here forever, but it would be nice to leave on our own terms. That's enough for now. I'm just getting mad all over again.

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