Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here are some of the things that have been going on. The phone company came out yesterday and finally fixed the line. Maybe now I can put some stuff on e-bay or Craig’s list. I’ve already got some sprouts coming up from the seeds I planted last week. We’ll have tomatoes (sans salmonella) in no time! We got the Berkey up and running. The next big test will be running this nasty well water through it. It was suggested that we just get the filter and build our own. But, we needed to see how it worked and I wanted it for the aesthetics. We may make our own in the future. For now, we’re happy with it and maybe we won‘t have to pay for our drinking water anymore. I’ve been trying to get paper work organized. It’s a constant battle. I’m also working on making a little schedule for myself in an effort to use my time more wisely.

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Wretha said...

How are you liking your Berkey??? I love mine, it makes our water taste sooooo great! I can't even drink the bottled stuff any more, it tastes like plastic! Did you do the dye test to make sure your filters are working right and the seals are ok? It's something you can also do later if you have any doubts about it working, I've had mine for about a month, it works fine when I got it, but one of the filters looked like it had been dropped, I tested it and it seemed to work just fine, no blue water coming through, the last time I took it apart to clean it, when I poured the water in it, the water poured (in a stream) though that filter, I suspected it was not working right, I poured some food coloring in it and sure enough, the blue came through. I contacted Berkey and they sent a new filter out ASAP, I got it in a few days. Before I got it though, I still needed to use my Berkey to have good water to drink, plus we have gotten spoiled at how good the water tastes. I put some PVC tape over the hole where the filter would go, the water took forever to pour through one filter, I was very glad Berkey sent the filter as fast as they did. The replacement works fine. So be sure to watch it closely each time you clean it, make sure the water is coming through both filters at the proper rate.