Monday, May 25, 2009

In celebration of being able to stay here, we took out a wall in the house! I call it a house. It’s really an old mobile home. The wall was between the living room and a tiny bedroom. The bedroom had become a big closet full of junk. It really increases the living space. The cats aren’t too happy though. They have lost their hidey hole. Too bad, kitties! As usual, this brilliant idea has turned out to be a bigger project than anticipated. That’s alright. We’ve got more time than money. There’s now a hole in the ceiling, and one in the floor where the pellet stove was. The stove is now against the wall, where the hallway was, awaiting a hole to be cut in the wall to vent to the outside. Randy says it will be better than pushing the air up the stove pipe. Sounds good to me.
Next…Old carpet out! We have left over carpet from when we re-carpeted the living room and our bedroom. Randy’s old boss gave it to us when they remodeled at his work. It’s kind of funky, but if it’s free it’s me! Plus, it’s heavy duty commercial stuff. Rubber backed, no pad needed.
Oh yeah, I think Randy’s dad dropped me an Indian head penny 1907 (face up). For those that don’t know, people that have passed on often drop coins. That’s what they say anyway. I found it in our pathway in the yard while I was talking to Randy on the phone. We’re going to go with the idea that it’s good luck. Hell, we can use all the good luck we can get!

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Wretha said...

That is cool, it's fun to work on YOUR house, even if it's an old trailer. We lived in an old, single wide in town before we moved to our off grid place, Bob was always doing something to it, it's amazing how little those trailers are made of.

If you are interested in paranormal things, I have another blog that I am working on about my paranormal experiences, check it out if you want, just go to my profile, you'll find it there, leave me a comment if you want. :)