Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy crap! We got snow! yippee…?
And it’s friggin’ cold! Down in the teens during the day, single digits at night! It’s about the same as Busted knuckles. Romeo, our native Texan cat, is pissed! He likes to be outside and this weather is just not working for him. So, he’s in and out, and that’s not working for Randy and me. The other cats are smart enough to stay inside and only go out if necessary. We’ve got Thomas, the neighborhood cat, set up pretty sweet. He’s got an old couch cushion, w/ a heating pad, and an outside chair cushion on top of that. We also rigged up a little shelter for him with an old foldable lawn chair. It must be the best digs in the neighborhood, because he was in it all day. (He won’t come in the house and we don’t have a garage.) Warm, dry, shelter from the snow, and free food, now that’s surviving in style! Spoiled bastard (relatively).

This is Thomas yesterday afternoon. He bailed when it got dark. He must have another spot more secure with a wind block.


Phil said...

Oh yes, the felines are quite unhappy.
I threw them both out for a while yesterday afternoon. The younger one was fine with it, went and explored the new white world before she decided she liked the warm bedspread a whole lot more.
the old cat was immediately pissed off and glared at me viciously as I slammed the door!

I relented after twenty minutes but she didn't like it so much, she wouldn't walk one foot on the snow to jump up the stair into the trailer.
I finally had to get out on my knees and drag her inside. I got quite the earful.

Of course, they have no memory and first thing this morning she wanted out. Not happening, I had to get to work and I ain't chasing some stubborn cat under a trailer!

I hear it is supposed to stay wicked cold for over a week. Great.

Stay warm!


Mayberry said...

Ick.... What's that white stuff? It don't look good to me, ha ha! Unfortunately, Texas had some of that last week too. We's in fer an ucky winter.....