Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chiristmas

Merry Christmas! We made it!
I cooked a turkey last night. I don't normally eat meat, but Randy got a free turkey last week at the company Christmas party. It was my second time cooking a turkey. I'm telling you the only was to do it is in one of those cooking bags. I even made giblet gravy. It was my first time on that one. There are only two of us, so we've got left overs to last us a couple of weeks. Anyway, that was about all of our excitement yesterday, other than a little more snow.

Oh yeah, Randy's friend down in Hood River, WA gave Randy some brilliant advice. He suggested that maybe we should start stock piling food. Hmm... No, that just sounds crazy! I'm kidding. Randy let him know we had already started doing that. We need to keep stocking up though. I've been whittling away on the beans, rice, and a few other things. On that note, we really need to get appropriate storage containers. I've looked around a little locally with not much luck. Dog and cat food containers don't really excite me. I guess I'll have to get some on line.

Well, have a good Christmas!


Phil said...

Merry Christmas to you.

The suggestion of asking for food grade buckets from bakers, etc. is a good one.
I have aquired a few from my local Safeway bakery.

Mayberry said...

Mmmmmm. Turkey sammiches..... Hope y'all had a good 'un, and jeez, ain't it nice to know some of your friends have woken up and smelled the manure? I love it when I hear about folks preppin'.....