Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On my other blog I mentioned that we're trying to live "it" before we have to leave here. I keep reading all these great blogs and think to myself, "we're kind of in survival mode right here right now." Prepping is not just for the well to do.

We live "it" because we really don't have much of a choice. The state is eventually going to kick us out of this place, because Randy's dad didn't write a proper will. It's not so bad here, really. I'll miss the meth-heads that practically live in our backyard. And the regular visits from various law inforcement agencies. It's pretty impressive watching them line up down the narrow easement to visit the neighbors. Randy goes to work at a dead end job that doesn't pay what he's worth, and I stay home with the 38 and the dog to make sure the meth-heads don't rob us blind. But I digress...
I grew up in Houston with floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. So, we tried to keep a minimal collection of supplies. Now that I live in a more rural area in Washington state, it's much more important to be prepared for power outages, and anything else. It's a treck to go to the grocery store. When canned goods we like go on sale, we buy extra. We get the big box of rice, dried milk, potato buds, and anything else that will keep. I was buying bulk frozen stuff, but since we're going to be moving, we've gone through most of that stuff. We plan on selling the little freezer. (And pretty much everything else.) I don't know if this qualifies as being a prepper. It works for me though.
We have our junk land, a travel trailer and tow vehicle. We're working on getting a solar package. I'm still considering the Berkey for a water filter(a little pricey). Our land doesn't have water or electric.
I love reading Wretha's blog on how they are going off grid and being self sufficient. They sound a lot like us. There's much to be done before hand. I should get to work on that.


Tracy said...

Berkeys are nice, but you can get a single filter element for a Berkey (try this site: http://www.h2ofilters.com) for $30 or less, and use it to build your own filter from a couple of food-grade buckets. A single element filters as well as multiple elements, just slower.

Mayberry said...

Been reading your older posts. Good job! And I'm jealous! Keep up the good work.