Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well, I had this really long winded rant about the state of Washington coming to take our property, but things changed a little after Randy talked to them. We got an e-mail stating that they were going to start foreclosure proceedings by the end of the month. Randy talked to the woman handling the case and got a little more info from her. She had not been very forthcoming previously. For those who don't know, Randy's mom was in a nursing home paid for by medicaid. There is a state recovery law here and now they want this property to pay back some of the cost. After Randy talked to this woman, she really sounded like she didn't know how the whole process works if you're not willing to just let it go. Up until this point she was just trying to scare us out. She kept telling us we could sell it, with any and all going to them. The problem with that is how could we sell it if it wasn't in our name? Yeah, she didn't have an answer for that either. Anyway, we're going to a lawyer Thursday. Maybe we can figure it out from there. I don't know.

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