Friday, February 12, 2010

Junk and more junk

We’ve got more junk around here than “Carter’s got pills”, as my mother used to say. That was before my time, but it’s a lot of junk. So, I’ve been checking out blogs about people actually buying junk and fixing it up or repurposing it. Sometimes they sell it and sometimes they keep it. Anyway, it inspires me to do something with my junk. Randy won’t let me plant flowers in the old toilet in the back yard. Oh, I would just love putting that thing in the front yard full of pretty flowers. What joy it would bring me to aggravate the across the street neighbors with my kooky yard art. How I do loves me some yard art. People are always trying to kill my buzz. Don’t feel too bad for me. I’m already planning my scarecrow for the garden. I may sneak in a couple of other things too. Just don’t tell Randy.


lifeshighway said...

Ruby, you should post some pictures of your art and better yet submit it to our game.

Let the neighbors squirm.

Phil said...

Nice to see you are still kicking and posting more often. Dayum, I am getting old, just turned fifty but Carters pills, as some had too many, were Carters little green liver pills and were supposed to help clean out your liver.
I remember my Granny had some and they "were" green.