Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I haven’t written anything in a while because there seems to be so much going on here as well as other places, it‘s difficult for me to focus on one subject matter. Our friend in Houston has reported that he’s doing ok. The damage doesn’t look too bad where he is. This man taught my mom and me a lot about being prepared and keeping safe in dangerous situations. So, I know that he’s got it together and will be just fine.

Our situation here seems to always be in flux. I guess that’s just what life is about. There’s always something coming at you or falling out from under you. Every once in a while, the sun comes out and all is right in your little corner of the world.

Would I like to go back to Texas? Sure. Would I like to stay where I’m at? Sure. It would be a lot easier to stay here. I could do almost everything here that I wanted to do in Texas. Being off grid, water catchment, gardening, and all of the other stuff would be even easier to do here than it would be down there in the desert. Anyway, we’ll see if the woman from the AG’s office comes through with a settlement offer. That would be great.

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